Tazo Green Tea


When you are looking for the best green tea brand it is important to weigh the pros and cons with choosing green tea. Green tea is separately wrapped and is sealed in teabags, and has long shelf life. It has a lot caffeine amounts. It also has low bitterness and is not so of a sour taste such as other beverages like coffee. It is a great tasting dietary aid when you are trying to lose weight. Green tea sometimes weakens the appetite for a time. It goes well with almost any type of sweetener, like good or bad sweeteners. The other side to green tea is that it is more expensive than most other types of teas. It can also make you hungrier if you are going on a fast.

Best Green Tea Brand
A Tazo Green Tea flavored with Ginger

In general, green tea is a smarter and better alternative when choosing to make a healthier beverage option. It is good if you are planning to go on a diet or just choosing a hot drink.