Tazo Green Tea

What is Tazo Green Tea?

We previously looked at 3 potential candidates as the Best Green Tea Brand. Now we will look more in-depth into another. One of the higher quality green tea is Tazo Green Tea. It is best known as an organic green tea brand, that you cannot go wrong with. Most people that drink tea prefer a tea that has been brewed correctly. The tea brand is owned by Starbucks but still provides a high-quality cup of tea. So, you should give this green tea brand a try if you are looking for a good cup of tea.

Best Green Tea Brand
Tazo is a higher end, organic Green Tea

Tazo tea can be sold as plain green tea but it is infused with an assortment of flavors. Green tea is a specialty of Tazo’s product line. The tea is blended with freshness and is the tea is picked within a current period. Also, a fun fact about green tea is that most of the world’s green tea comes from China and Japan. Tazo tea is tasted several times, and then it is shipped to consumer after a quality inspection. Tazo tea is also considered a natural fluoride that can help whiten teeth. So, this can help keep your teeth bright and healthy. The Tazo tea company is based in Portland, Oregon. It was started by Steve Smith which wanted to recreate the tea industry and make green tea more mainstream to the public. Using his knowledge of specialty tea and rich ancient tea recipes, he quickly developed a few unique flavors.