Potential risk and health benefits of drinking green tea during pregnancy?

Potential risk of drinking green tea during pregnancy

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How Green Tea can hurt your body while pregnant
  • Dehydration

During pregnancy, it is advised to pregnant women to reduce their caffeine intake.  Why? Because caffeine has properties to release more water than usual. Even best green tea brands have some percentage of caffeine in it. Excessive intake of green tea can cause dehydration that can be dangerous for pregnancy.

  • Neural tube defects

Caffeine composition in green tea affects the body’s absorbing power of folic acids. More than two cups of green tea in a day may cut down the folate levels. During pregnancy, insufficient folic acid can increase neural tube defects.

  • Reduced blood flow

In many studies, it has been best found that caffeine crosses the placenta that may cut down the blood flow to the fetus. Excessive intake of green tea can result in miscarriage, low birth weight, and stillbirth situations. Also, consuming excess green tea during pregnancy can increase the risk of birth defects like brain size and skull shape.

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