Health Effects of Green Tea

Other Health Benefits

Green tea is no longer just brewed in tea bags, it is best available sweetened and unsweetened. Now you can find them at any grocery store and coffee shops. It comes bottled and in packets, as well as instant powder. There are also green tea supplements that are sold at stores as well. The supplements are sold in capsule or liquid extracts. A study by the American chemical society, states bottled teas contain fewer polyphenols than a regular cup of brewed tea.

Something that is not thought of with green tea is the risks of anxiety and upset stomach. While these risks are rare it is still possible. Green tea is not harmful but too much of a good thing could be too much of a good thing. So always be careful, and take things into moderation to speak in general.

Best Green Tea Brand
Green Tea is a great health drink

There a lot more diseases that could be potentially lowered with green tea. Lowered risks are the goal when drinking green tea. However, it is not solely just drinking green tea, you must also live a healthy and active lifestyle. The best green tea brand will not change your life, you need to be able to make healthy alternatives in general.

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