Health Effects of Green Tea

Memory Rejuvenation

Memory is something this not typically thought best of when you think of green tea. Now the memory also can have a benefit because the findings are that it lowers the risk of dementia. It is also shown that there are a lot of other neuropsychiatric disorders that can be lowered as well. Alzheimer’s is a big disease that can be lowered with making the right food choices and choosing green tea as an option instead of traditional water.

Best Green Tea Brand
How Green Tea can aid Memory!

Overall the nutritional benefits of green tea are greatly better than a zero-calorie beverage. While this is not very well known, green tea is containing a small amount of caffeine. Still, green tea is one of the world’s healthiest drinks. The antioxidants in green tea are tremendous and that is a significant advantage over other drinks, which is why it is best to consider different brands and choose the best green tea brand for you.

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