Health Effects of Green Tea

Cancer Battling?

Green tea has polyphenols which are believed to decrease tumor growth in cancer. It is also best believed that green tea may protect against ultraviolet radiation. The countries where green tea is consumed highly the cancer rates are lower but this does not necessarily mean the reason the cancer rates are lower. Green tea is a positive impact that many people take for granted. In general, it is a good beverage to drink compared to traditional soda and coffee. Green tea is not necessarily proven to reduce heart disease as well. Green tea contains a lot of polyphenolic compounds that are throughout the cardiovascular system. It is best believed that the compounds in green tea will make the cardiovascular system a lot more smoother and easier to run.

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How can Green Tea help your Health?


Lowering cholesterol is always a concern for many people. Bad cholesterol is not what anybody wants, and now green tea is best believed to lower cholesterol. Cholesterol is something that can be controlled through medicine but with 10 or more cups of green tea, a day can lower cholesterol. The risk of stroke can also be reduced if one consumes green tea. Green tea can be a small lifestyle change, like choosing green tea over surgery beverages. Small lifestyle changes can reduce the risk of a lot of health problems in general.

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