Health Effects of Green Tea

Health Effects Overview

To put it in simple terms, green tea is mostly just water and has a lot phytochemicals, like caffeine. There are a lot of claims and beliefs that green tea is a health benefit. Some of the health benefits of green tea cannot be proven scientifically. Green tea does promote good health any way you look at it regardless if there is no evidence to show that there is evidence to show it. Many people believe that the more expensive tea is the better. The best green tea brand is not the most expensive as many people believe.

Best Green Tea Brand
How Green Tea can give you more energy

Green tea is a native to China and India but is consumed throughout the world and has recently gained a lot of popularity in the US. Unbelievably Tea is the second most-consumed beverage besides water. Green tea was used as medicine in traditional Chinese and Indian Culture. It was used to control bleeding of wounds and to improve heart and mental health. Green tea is now thought of to help with weight loss and help with other types of diseases.

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