Green Tea while Pregnant? (Round 2)

What to avoid and what to eat

It is best to avoid caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, and medication that is not needed. Unbelievably herbal teas can have bad side effects of you do not take them into moderation. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) does not best regulate safety and effectiveness of herbal teas.

The ingredients in herbal teas are good to be taken in small amounts, but it still best to check with your doctor. The FDA does not see herbal tea as big danger in general but it is never good to have something in excess.The best green tea brand is also not FDA approved.  It is also to consider the health of the baby as well when you are considering what you are drinking and eating in general. Some general herbs to avoid if a woman is pregnant are alfalfa, blue cohosh, comfrey, etc.  These herbs are more potent than the other types of herbs that are used in tea.

Best Green Tea Brand
Healthy foods are very important while pregnant

Of course, it is best to use common sense when you are making choices about what foods and drinks a woman is pregnant. It is important to choose foods and beverages while you are pregnant that will be best for your baby. Even the green teas that are marketed to pregnant women should be used with caution as well. The markers promote the products as healthy but there is no evidence to really show the proof. It is good to always to do your research when it comes to these types of products. Always do your research and talk to your doctor in general about your health problems.