Green Tea while Pregnant? (Round 2)

Hydration and nutrients

Green Tea hydrates the body, just like water and many women prefer it over water anyway. Green tea also provides important nutrients like calcium, magnesium, and iron, which is needed during pregnancy. A type of tea to try is rooibos tea which is a good tea to try as well because of the antioxidants that it has. Women should also prefer tea that is caffeine free and herbal teas. It promotes more effective contractions during labor. So be sure to check out the best green tea brands that you should have during labor. A herb that is preferred when women are drinking green tea is a nettle leaf. The nettle leaf is a great source of vitamins and minerals.

Best Green Tea Brand
Green tea is a great way to stay hydrated!

The important thing to consider when you are drinking different brands of teas that uses nettle leaves is to make sure that the nettle leaves are dry. It is also safe to drink during the second and third trimesters. You can steep your own by adding your water when making your own tea. When you are expecting, you should avoid herbal laxatives. The laxatives can cause increase diuresis and diarrhea, which both cause dehydration.