Green Tea for Weight Loss

Green Tea Facts

Green Tea is a good alternative to traditional beverages like soda or coffee. It is estimated that 158 million Americans drink coffee. Every year about 80 billion cups of green tea are consumed in America. That is about 3.60 billion gallons of green tea every year. This makes choosing the best green tea brand very important. While black tea is considered the more popular type because it is about 84 percent of all tea that is consumed, green tea is now seen as better choice than black tea when it comes to weight loss. So now it is shown that green tea can help you lose weight because it helps elevate the metabolic rate.

Best Green Tea Brand
Billions of cups of Green Tea consumed each year

There are flavonoids and caffeine in green tea that help increase fat oxidation and improve insulin activity. A study has shown that people who drink green tea and caffeine lose nearly 3 pounds during a 12-week trial period. These people still stick to their usual diet and exercise regime. It is also shown that it is not necessarily true that if you drink a lot of green tea it will help you lose weight. However, the weight loss effects can be shown by drinking about 1-2 cups of green tea every day.