Different types of Cancer and Green Tea

  1. Esophageal cancer

In a laboratory, studies done on animals suggest that the green tea polyphenols stop the growth of esophageal cancer cells. On the contrary, when the same study applied on humans the results are contradictory. In one population-based study it’s been found that in women, the best green brand can provide a protective layer against the development of esophageal cancer cells. In another population-based study, the results showed an increase in cancer cells. The hotter tea, the greater the risk. Due to such conflicting results, scientists are working on more research before they recommend green tea.

Best Green Tea Brand
Green Tea can help to destress with many situations
  1. Prostate cancer

Studies have best found that the enzymes present in green tea can stop the growth of prostate cancer cells. One of the major studies has been done in Southeast China where researchers have found that the risk of prostate cancer comes down with the increase in quantity, frequency, and duration of consumption of the best green tea brand. However, it is highly recommended for the people who recently went through chemotherapy to consult with their doctor before they start consuming green tea.