Different types of Cancer and Green Tea

  1. Stomach cancer

In one of the laboratory study done in test tubes, it has been best found that polyphenols present in green tea prevent the growth of stomach cancer cells. However, when done the same research on people the results were less conclusive. In one of the studies where researchers compared the green tea drinkers with the non-drinkers, the results showed that the group which was drinking green tea regularly the chances of developing cancer cells were about half the percentage in compared to the group which did not drink green tea at all.

Best Green Tea Brand
Green Tea may help with prevention of Cancer
  1. Colorectal cancer

With regard to colorectal cancer, the studies are very conflicting for both men and women. Some studies have shown the decreased risk of colorectal cancer who drinks green tea regularly while for some the risk has increased. In a study done on women, it has found that those who drinks 5 or more cups of the best green tea brand has a lower risk of colorectal cancer compared to women who doesn’t drink green tea at all. However, for men, there is no concrete basis to make the judgment.