Can you help prevent cancer with green tea?

Side Effects?

Some of the side effects of green tea might be nervousness, headache, and nausea. These are rare side effects that you get from green tea but it is possible to get these side effects. The health risks of adults drinking green tea is mostly rare. Green tea is mostly a good healthy beverage anyway you look at it. The only thing is to be careful because with caffeine there comes anxiety and a lot of disturbances in your sleep. Aluminum is found in a lot of tea plants and is found in tea as well. There is still no evidence of aluminum being harmful when drinking tea.

Best Green Tea Brand
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It is best to just live a healthy lifestyle and eat healthy. Most of the time that is best way to approach good health and you’ll have a good chance of living a long and healthy life. So, while tea may be an alternative to many other popular unhealthy beverages it is best to make good health choices in general.

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