Can you help prevent cancer with green tea?


With a lot of the polyphenols, green tea is believed to help prevent cancer and potentially help prevent diseases. Tea polyphenols have been able to protect against damage by ultraviolet radiation. Green tea is believed to protect against tumor damage and a lot of other potential damage to the body. Tea is considered safe by the FDA and there are not a lot of well-known side effects to tea.

Although when it comes to children, the higher doses of catechins could affect children in a negative way. So, it is best not to give green tea to children younger than 10. It does not matter if it is the best green tea brand or the worst green tea brand, it all contains caffeine so it is best to make sure that you drink green tea in moderation.

Best Green Tea Brand
Green Tea Supplements do exist

Tea has always been known for good health and there have been many studies about green tea. Each study has been proven to be different and the fact is every study has been different. Some of the studies have shown that green tea helped reduce the risks of cancers while some have not. While it is also true that you cannot just assume that green tea by itself.

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