Can you help prevent cancer with green tea?

How it works

Green tea is made from leaves that are not oxidized, while oolong tea is made from oxidized leaves. This type of tea is called an intermediate type of tea. White tea is made from younger leaves that don’t have a lot of oxidation. The leaves of tea are dried so they can be sold.

The forms that tea is available is mostly dried instant mixes or iced teas in a bottle. The ingredients of tea are mostly polyphenols and alkaloids. Alkaloids are (caffeine, theophylline, and theobromine). Even the best green tea brand and the worst green tea brand has polyphenols. The polyphenols are plant chemicals that include catechins are mostly responsible for health benefits green tea. Black tea is different than green tea because black tea does not contain as much catechins as green tea.

Best Green Tea Brand
Drinking Green Tea may help when taking pills

Iced and ready to drink tea brands are popular all around the world, they do not contain as many polyphenols as brewed tea. The polyphenols best depend on the type of tea, and the temperature of the tea. The tea with the most polyphenols are hot teas. Ready to drink teas often contain juices that dilute the tea. The amount of polyphenol contents depends on the tea solids. The best green tea brand has the same number of solids as the worst tea brand and decaffeinating the tea reduces the catechins in teas. There are dietary supplements that contain green tea extracts that are sold at stores. The US has found that there are about 19 different green tea supplements that are available at stores online. Some of the labels on the product labels have inconsistent values.

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