13 Best Eco-Friendly Uses of Green Tea Other Than Drinking

  1. Green tea for sunburn treatment

Don’t create a myth that green tea can prevent you from UV light but it does protect the skin from damaging with the exposure of such lights. You can directly apply the green tea over your skin or soak a clean cloth and rub your skin with it. Both the ways are correct and you can enjoy your sunbath without any worry. Please note that its best to allow the green tea to cool first!

Best Green Tea Brand
Green Tea can soothe your sunburn
  1. Eliminate fridge odor

Let’s face it. I’m sure you may have tried many methods to deal with fridge odor but seems like nothing is working out. Next time take a handful of used green tea bags and put it in the refrigerator in a bowl or something similar with open mouth. The green tea leaves will best absorb the odor and give you a fresh feel.

  1. Diminishes humidity

Green tea helps in reducing humidity by absorbing the moisture in its surrounding. Take a thin cloth bag preferably cotton cloth and fill it with green tea and hang it in the room where you want to reduce the humidity.

  1. Wrinkle reduction

Wrinkles are caused by collagen-digesting enzymes called matrix metalloproteinase. By applying creams loaded with green tea extract regularly, you can keep yourself away from premature aging. This is because an antioxidant name epigallocatechin gallate found in green tea that prevents releasing matrix metalloproteinase.