13 Best Eco-Friendly Uses of Green Tea Other Than Drinking

  1. Green tea as facial scrub

You can use green tea as a facial scrub because of its skin-tightening ability. To get a smooth finish on your face, it is best to add some water and refined sugar to the warm green tea and apply directly on your skin. The brand should not matter.

  1. Dark circles and swollen eyes

Cool down the two used green tea teabags and put it over each closed eye. The reason behind this unusual method is polyphenol compound present in green tea. Polyphenol is caustic in nature and has properties to shrink the living tissue including skin. Used best green tea brand bags can tighten the skin around your eyes and provide relief from swelling.

Best Green Tea Brand
Use Green Tea teabags to help with your eye’s dark circles
  1. Helps in getting quality sleep

Keep the used green tea bags on your pillow and sleep on it. According to a study done by Chinese folk magazine, it has been found that sleeping on green tea leaves helps in reducing blood pressure, soothes a headache and relieves muscle stress. All this provides you better and quality sleep and ultimately help you to be more productive. Try it and let us know if it leads to one of the best nights of sleep that you have ever had.

  1. Stops bleeding

Put a green tea bag in hot water, remove it after a minute and let it cool. Then place the tea bag over the bleeding area. The polyphenol compound in green has a property to stop the bleeding by clotting the blood.